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I've been feeling really good about my fitness lately. 💪 Lost all my pandemic chub, and I've been getting stronger.


Had a fat-burning run for breakfast this morning, and will try lunchtime in a fasted state as well. Then eat like a king until 7pm.

Evening no-gi Jiu-Jitsu left me completely exhausted. We learned switching from mount to s-mount when opponent pushes off your hip and from there either an armbar or take the back.

Jiu-Jitsu in the books.

Today we drilled some triangles from closed guard with 3 setup variations followed by 10 minutes of rolling.

Last week I did 3 days of lifting, 3 days of Jiujutsu, and 30mins of treadmill.

This week I'm bumping weights a bit and will try 5x Jiujutsu. I'd be really happy with that schedule if I can keep it up.

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Jiujutsu and lifting has been a mental struggle in January, but I am finally starting to get my shit together and feeling better and stronger then ever.

There were times when I almost gave up, but I persisted through my sour mood because Garmin data was showing that my body is actually recovering and doing OK; stress levels, body battery, HRV balance, sleep were all good. But my mind wasn't feeling it.

I suspect it's because of two things: I weaned off most coffee, and zero sun in January.

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Tom boosted is a community focused on sharing and discussion of exercise and fitness-related activities. It’s a friendly, non-judgemental space.

Join us! (it's running #Pixelfed)

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Okay @bookstodon I'm re-starting this #poll to correct a big mistake I made with the original... I'd forgotten that you can make a poll multiple choice. This should make for more interesting and accurate stats.

Please #boost this poll so we can get more participants and more accurate responses.

So, the question is: which format(s) do you prefer.

Also - please don't argue that one is superior to the others. This isn't a poll for snobbery. #books #reading #writing

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Got a new record! The bar os 11,3 kilo's. On each side are 5+2,5+1,25 kilo's, so 8,75 on each side is 17,5 in total. Plus the 11,3= 20,05 kilo's!
That's about 44,2 lbs!
I only managed 2x 6* but still, I did it!

#FitIn2023 #FitAfter40 #FitnessJourney #BasicFit #Fitness


Yesterday: mobility, stretching, and treadmill 25 mins

Today: Madcow 5x5 Day 1

I bumped the weights on all major lifts this week a tiny bit, progress ;)

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Health/Diet, neutral 

Don't normally post things about diet. Your diet is yours and yours alone!

One pointer though - it's worth checking your B12 levels. I got mine checked maybe 4-6 months after being vegetarian and they were low. They should not really be that have been that low from that short time.

From what I've read, it turns out that the vast majority of it comes from red meat in a diet. So if you stop eating even just red meat you may need to compensate for it.

Lunchtime no-gi

Instructor didn't show so it was a q&a session with tips and ideas from a blue belt and some rolling.

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Just finished another full #body #workout week. Next week concludes the 12-week program I am following.

#fitness #fitify

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People always talk about "long summer evenings", but that's not how it works at all. Summer evenings are short... they start about 9pm when it starts to get dark, and by 11pm you're sleepy 'cos you've been awake and doing stuff all day.

But winter? Winter evenings are *long*. Winter evenings start around 4pm when the sun goes down and last until you finally call it a night about 1am because the endless cold and dark has completely screwed all your circadian rhythms.

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Mental Heatlh, Fitness 

One other observation I've had is that in some conversations, people try to understandably separate physical and mental health. As in, I'll just do mental health work and try the gym (or whatever) another time.

I believe that there's some strong connection there and we can't really separate the two fully. So, I think it's good to try and stick with both. This requires context and is a personal decision, but worth keeping in mind that both might be good!

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Felt pretty good tonight!

Deadlifts: Pyramid 12/10/8/6 with 190/210/235/255lbs.
Push Press: 3x8 @ 155lbs.
Bicep Curls: 1x20 @ 20lbs.

I cut it a bit short since I had to go fight the snow blower shear pin and wanted to save some arm power for that. But yeah, a clearer head and not bad sleep paid off here.

#weightlifting #fitness #homegym

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