Elliptical morning workout

30 minutes this morning to get the blood flowing.

Jiu-Jitstu Training

My knee is hurting quite more for about a week now, so for a while I plan to do the drills but skip rolling.

Today we learned a double-arm bar attack from a closed guard that works with or without the gi, crucifix attack when one opens your guard and goes for under/over pass, and a kimura or triangle attack if they go for double-under pass.

Lunchtime Jiu-Jiutsu

Going over a few transitions from side-control to knee-on-belly, mount, and s-mount. Also one way how to get out from knee-on-belly.

Last 20 minutes was a killer "pass-or-sweep" cardio workout: two blue belts were switching of passing my guard for first 10 minutes then vice versa. I was completely dead for about a minute afterwards (would never push myself this hard otherwise).

Lunchtime Jiu-Jitsu

Arm drag from closed guard, hip escape to the side, scissor trip and roll to take the back. Go over 7 chokes from the back again. Roll twice.

Jiu-Jitsu Training

Reviewing three sweeps from closed guard. No rolling.

Three weeks left to my first competition. Trying to train 5x/week till then.

Lunchtime Jiu-Jitsu

One way to open and pass a closed guard with double under hook to side control, and if getting under hooks fails passing an open guard. And 5 minute roll.

Evening Jiu-Jitsu

Reviewing 7 chokes from the back and rolling.

Lunchtime Jiu-Jitsu

More wrestling takedowns and some "pass or sweep" s

Lunchtime Jiu-Jitsu

Drilling more wrestling style takedowns and 2x 5 minute rolls.

Lunchtime workout

Jiu-Jitsu drilling (no rolling)

Got my first two stripes today.

Lunchtime workout

Jiu-Jitsu drilling. No rolling, knee still hurts a bit too much to risk re-injury. Feels gread to be on the mat again.

We learned four GI choke attacks from closed guard.

Morning workout

Few sets of squats and deadlifts. Light weights, just prepping joints and ligaments.

I'm still cutting and on calorie deficit but want to start some weight lifting program that is compatible. I'm thinking maybe some higher reps push/pull 6x a week? Something that won't wear me out so I can still Jiu-Jitsu. Does anyone have suggestions what would work well?

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