Felt good today after a short break because of a cold and a slight shoulder injury (I need to get better at tapping early in when rolling).


Yesterday: mobility, stretching, and treadmill 25 mins

Today: Madcow 5x5 Day 1

I bumped the weights on all major lifts this week a tiny bit, progress ;)

Restarted training yesterday after a long time off. With Christmas and new year break wrapping up and kids and wife returning to work, I hope I can make it routine again.

Today I feel like a truck ran me over, so it has to be a gradual buildup.

We learned 3 variations of no-gi half guard passes.

Morning weightlifting

Madcow 5x5 Day 1 with same weights as last week.

Switching my to mornings to maximize recovery time before evening on Tue/Thr.

I plan to start training 5 times per week soon, after new year probably. In the mean time I'll do some elliptical/treadmill in the evenings to build up cardio.


day 3

This was my first week lifting after a long break. I'm feeling a bit of muscle soreness. I'll keep the same weights for next week for good measure and start increasing from there.

Lunchtime workout

Sleep stress was much better without alcohol and my body battery improved.

I did some warmup and followed by .

I'm not sure what program to follow so I'm defaulting to Madcow 5x5 which is what I used to do but stopped in July due to back and neck issues. I've lost 25lbs since and worked on hip, quad, and hamstring mobility.

My left hand still hurts, especially during bench press, but its physical therapy at this point.

Lunchtime workout

Few light weightlifting sets:

- deadlifts
- bent over rows
- bicep curls
- skull crushers

My hand still hurts but is healing well. I was able to do my mobility stretching routine today, and hold on to the barbell for all major lifts (no weights). I think I should be able to restart Jiu-Jiutsu training and weight lifting in a week or two.

Afternoon workout

5k run with 3x full out sprints. My VO2 Max is 43 and I'll be trying to take it up a notch next four weeks.

Lunchtime Workout

"push" weight lifting followed by stretching and mobility.

My knee is hurt so I can't do Jiu-Jitsu. Instead, I did a simple weigh lifting routine: 3 sets of 10 reps with super low weights since I have not lifted in months

- bench press
- seated shoulder press
- skull crushers

Hoping to be back on the mats next Monday, but will have to see if my knee cooperates.