My hand still hurts but is healing well. I was able to do my mobility stretching routine today, and hold on to the barbell for all major lifts (no weights). I think I should be able to restart Jiu-Jiutsu training and weight lifting in a week or two.

Last week I was going to compete in a Jiu-Jitsu tournament, but two days before I hurt my hand in practice, badly enough that I'm still off the mats.

Four days before the injury, I started water fasting to get my weight down to welterweight. I succeeded at that, but...

I believe I injured myself because my body and mind were weak and slow to react after 4 days of water fasting.

Lesson: when water fasting, rest! If can't rest, don't water fast!

Elliptical morning workout

30 minutes this morning to get the blood flowing.


Last week I managed to train daily M-F, and hoping to do it again this week.

Weight-in for my competition is this Friday evening and I have 4 lbs to shave off by then. Don't know if its a good idea, but I started water fasting today until Friday. Competition is next day so I have time to re-feed and hydrate.

Jiu-Jitstu Training

My knee is hurting quite more for about a week now, so for a while I plan to do the drills but skip rolling.

Today we learned a double-arm bar attack from a closed guard that works with or without the gi, crucifix attack when one opens your guard and goes for under/over pass, and a kimura or triangle attack if they go for double-under pass.

Jiu-Jitsu Training

Drilled two sweeps from half guard and 20 minutes of rolling.

I must have strained my left knee again, it hurts pretty bad now ;(

Lunchtime Jiu-Jiutsu

Going over a few transitions from side-control to knee-on-belly, mount, and s-mount. Also one way how to get out from knee-on-belly.

Last 20 minutes was a killer "pass-or-sweep" cardio workout: two blue belts were switching of passing my guard for first 10 minutes then vice versa. I was completely dead for about a minute afterwards (would never push myself this hard otherwise).

Lunchtime Jiu-Jitsu

Arm drag from closed guard, hip escape to the side, scissor trip and roll to take the back. Go over 7 chokes from the back again. Roll twice.

Jiu-Jitsu Training

Reviewing three sweeps from closed guard. No rolling.

Three weeks left to my first competition. Trying to train 5x/week till then.

Lunchtime Jiu-Jitsu

One way to open and pass a closed guard with double under hook to side control, and if getting under hooks fails passing an open guard. And 5 minute roll.

Evening Jiu-Jitsu

Reviewing 7 chokes from the back and rolling.

Lunchtime Jiu-Jitsu

More wrestling takedowns and some "pass or sweep" s

Lunchtime Jiu-Jitsu

Drilling more wrestling style takedowns and 2x 5 minute rolls.

Afternoon workout

5k run with 3x full out sprints. My VO2 Max is 43 and I'll be trying to take it up a notch next four weeks.

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