Afternoon workout

5k run with 3x full out sprints. My VO2 Max is 43 and I'll be trying to take it up a notch next four weeks.

Morning run

Took Enzo out for an easy run this morning. I kept the heart rate between 130-140bpm to make it easy enough so I can do it daily.

My left wrist still hurts, but is healing pretty fast. It did swell up a little and I could not twist my elbow a certain way for two days, but I can feel it getting better. I think if I tape it up and go easy in training, I can still do the jiujitsu class.

Lunchtime workout

I'm taking a rest from jiu jitsu today because two of my finger knuckles are still jammed and my neck is in pain, I believe from being cranked and my stubborn ass defending it by rolling instead of tapping out. I got out of it, but at a cost of skipping practice today.

Instead I went for a 3 mile run with Enzo.

Morning workout

Slow tempo running with Enzo, with a bit of walking mixed in.

Morning workout

I'm adding a little cardio on the BJJ-off days this week. This morning I went for a low intensity base run.

Morning workout:

- 30 mins treadmill (too hot & humid outside)
- 20 mins mobility stretching (quads, hams, hips)

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