So apparently, according to my Garmin watch, I went through all kinds of different stages of sleep while reading a book in my bed, including deep sleep! LOL

Morning fasted

2023 Chicago BJJ Championships are happening this Saturday. I have one GI opponent and another no-gi in my rank/age/weight bracket.

Now, note to self: don't get injured in practice like last time!

Intermittent fasting and morning cardio daily for the next 2 weeks - I need to loose 3 lbs before my competition March 4th to make the 190lbs weight class.

Early afternoon fasted run on a treadmill. And now it's time to break the fast and eat some goodies.

Some treadmilling and mobility work this morning. I still have a little cold so keeping it light.

Had a fat-burning run for breakfast this morning, and will try lunchtime in a fasted state as well. Then eat like a king until 7pm.


Yesterday: mobility, stretching, and treadmill 25 mins

Today: Madcow 5x5 Day 1

I bumped the weights on all major lifts this week a tiny bit, progress ;)

Holy cow, laying down to relax and doing some deep slow breathing exercise really works. At least my Garmin watch thinks so. Stress went down from 100% to resting sleep level. Trying to continue deep slow breathing as I work now.

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