Jiujutsu and lifting has been a mental struggle in January, but I am finally starting to get my shit together and feeling better and stronger then ever.

There were times when I almost gave up, but I persisted through my sour mood because Garmin data was showing that my body is actually recovering and doing OK; stress levels, body battery, HRV balance, sleep were all good. But my mind wasn't feeling it.

I suspect it's because of two things: I weaned off most coffee, and zero sun in January.


Last week I did 3 days of lifting, 3 days of Jiujutsu, and 30mins of treadmill.

This week I'm bumping weights a bit and will try 5x Jiujutsu. I'd be really happy with that schedule if I can keep it up.

@tom go for it man!

I try to do 5 days of jits + 2 days of lifting, as my “must quota”.

On the days when I lift, I do the jits in the evening. My body feels it for sure, but I don’t go wild in those classes.

The thing I struggle with the most is falling asleep after the evening session. I’ll go to bed by 10, but won’t fall asleep for 1-2 hours after. That’s why I prefer morning & midday classes.

@oss @tom always takes a while to wind down after going hard. I used drive quite a ways to train and that helped. But now, if I train at night, an easy 1-2 hours like you said.

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