Last week I was going to compete in a Jiu-Jitsu tournament, but two days before I hurt my hand in practice, badly enough that I'm still off the mats.

Four days before the injury, I started water fasting to get my weight down to welterweight. I succeeded at that, but...

I believe I injured myself because my body and mind were weak and slow to react after 4 days of water fasting.

Lesson: when water fasting, rest! If can't rest, don't water fast!

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@tom I recommend alternate day fasting. One day eating like you would do intermittent fasting (I eat two times in the afternoon in an 8 window period), the next day don't eat anything, repeat the cycle. Make sure you won't overeat during the eating days, cause that still can cause great weight gain.

@writer13 I haven't tried that variation yet, will give it a shot next time I want to cut down some weight. I have been doing daily intermittent fasting and one day a week full fasting for several weeks now and that's been working fine for me.

@tom going for a walk/running might help with getting the energy going again when fasting

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