@tom well, at least for the bench press. Barbell row isn't so crazy.

@pseudoramble right, I wish I could go crazy on everything, but I wouldn't recover for next day. Instead, I plan to rotate and do more rows next time.

@tom are you going for more hypertrophy thing, or a strength thing? Or just kind of whatever?

@pseudoramble It's been more on the "whatever" side ever since I re-started - as long as I do some weight lifting, about 3x per week, I'm happy. Over the winter I focused on strength training, took a break, and now plan to stick with higher reps lower weight hypertrophy stuff. I want to introduce more running and biking into the mix while it's nice outside.

@pseudoramble I'm also learning about mobility and stretching to see if I can figure out my trouble areas of lower back/right hip and neck tightness that I get when going heavier on the weights (slowly reading "Becoming a Supple Leopard" by Dr. Kelly Starrett) Will probably go back to strength training over winter again.

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