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Made some minor tweaks to the free to read book Minimal stretching guide.

Mainly minor stuff such as additional links.

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Weight Lifting 

Strongman Week 4 Day 2

* Squat: work up to 2x8 @ 245lbs (RPE 8).
* Overhead Press: work up to 2x8 @ 115lbs (RPE 8).
* Barbell Row: 3x8 @ 135lbs.

Thinking I can get to to 125lbs on overhead press for sets of 8 next time.

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I start and finish a new project every month.

This month I will make freely available a book I wrote almost exactly a year ago as course material for a #powerlifting workshop for people who work as #personaltrainer . But the book can obviously benefit anyone who seek knowledge on the three lifts.

It goes quite in depth on execution of the lifts, common issues, variations and more.

I'll let you know when it's online.

#gym #fitness #training #crossfit

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Über 30°C hier in der Stadt, das ist echt nix. Hab gewartet bis wenigstens die Sonne weg war und bin dann erst losgetrabt. An diese hochsommerliche Temperaturen bin ich echt noch nicht gewöhnt ...

12,15 km Dauerlauf in 55:26 (4:34/km) - Hitzeabendrunde

#laufen #running #shammasandals #warriorsmaximus  #runalyze #coros #apexpro #hotinthecity
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Here is my first blog post after 3 months. I wrote about my experience with #yoga. How I feel, what changed in recent months...

I plan to return to regular posting, and definitely want to finish
#100daystooffload. This was my 16th posts this year, so there are so many to go. 😃

I also want to change the design, or just tweak the current one (yes, headings look the same inside a post, and it bothers me).

#blog #writing

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New chapter added as of tonight. Excited about this one.

Plus my son and I may share some classes here and there.

I just pushed an update to:

- switched to "Save Name" button instead of an icon when JS is disabled
- auto-saving forms when JS is enabled
- added workout elapsed time when in progress
- fixed 'kg' units bug when deleting workout sets
- added "Log Set" button and highlighting current set you're on

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Fitness/Weight Lifting 

Week 4 - Day 1

Deadlifts and Push Press. I've missed doing farmer's carries the past few weeks. Planning on changing that soon.

I also have videos from this week though I haven't had a chance to upload them yet.

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It looks and feels good. Total weight is 15 kg, and the single weights are 380 g. This is why I bought it so I can customize it for my needs. Hope it lasts...

I will try this after today's yoga with about 2 kg on a mostly flat terrain, first. Can't wait!

#walking #weightedvest

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A different approach to #strength training (2/2)

When you reach your goal, reevaluate the importance of the 3 lifts and place them accordingly in your plan.

I call the 1st "goal", 2nd "important", 3rd "back burner". You can add 4th "fluff", typically small exercises like curls or whatever. Don't worry about even keeping a log for these, just get a pump and be done. Skip them if you're tired - they're just fluff after all.

#gym #training #fitness

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A different approach to #strength training. (1/2)

Pick 3 exercises and order them in terms of importance.

The most important is done first. Have a clear progression and goal in mind. It should be attainable. I like thinking in terms of 3-4 weeks.

The 2nd lacks a progression but is done with significant effort. Add weight when you can but don't beat yourself up about it.

The 3rd is done with medium effort. Don't worry about adding weight or doing more reps.

#gym #training #fitness

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Looks like my weighted vest is coming today! Until then I have a normal morning walk. #walking

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Weight Lifting 


Squats: worked up to 2x8 @ 255lbs (RPE 8)
Overhead Press: worked up to 2x8 @ 115lbs (RPE 8)
Single arm dumbbell press: 1x3 @ 25lbs (both arms), 2x3 @ 55lbs (both arms).

Felt pretty spot on with everything today.

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