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We need your support!

We need to grow our donations or consider cutting costs (like sunsetting non-essential services) to remain sustainable.

Besides Pixelfed, we also run, and

Donations can be made via:
Liberapay -
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Spread the word! #pixelfed

So apparently, according to my Garmin watch, I went through all kinds of different stages of sleep while reading a book in my bed, including deep sleep! LOL

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I’m not uninstalling my ad blocker. I’m not making an exception for your site. Your password complexity requirements are a waste of time. Blocking pasting into password fields is bad. You’ve made your site worse for incredibly silly reasons. Maybe don’t do that.

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Any meaningful UX testing in 2023 needs to account for ad blockers and password managers.

If your site or app doesn’t work with popular ad blockers, or it refuses to allow logins pasted in from password managers, it’s broken.

Yes, some executive type will want to argue about this because they think ad blocking will go away or they misunderstood some now outdated infosec guidance. They’re wrong. Users use ad blockers and password managers and if your stuff doesn’t work with them, it’s broken.

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Matrix 1.7 is out now! It's got reactions (finally 💖), better mentions, async uploads, and a whole lot more.

Check out the blog post:

Morning fasted

2023 Chicago BJJ Championships are happening this Saturday. I have one GI opponent and another no-gi in my rank/age/weight bracket.

Now, note to self: don't get injured in practice like last time!


Clocked in at 189lbs this morning so just need to maintain for 2 wks.

Intermittent fasting and morning cardio daily for the next 2 weeks - I need to loose 3 lbs before my competition March 4th to make the 190lbs weight class.

Felt good today after a short break because of a cold and a slight shoulder injury (I need to get better at tapping early in when rolling).

Early afternoon fasted run on a treadmill. And now it's time to break the fast and eat some goodies.

Some treadmilling and mobility work this morning. I still have a little cold so keeping it light.

And I'm on a sick break. I figured it was coming - both of my kids are just getting over it and that's when it usually hits me. It's interesting though that my wife seems to doge it every time - I guess she has a stronger immune system.

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