@adriach hey thanks for the follow. FYI I don't really use this account anymore. Feel free to follow @pseudoramble@indieweb.social which is my main account.

@abbienormal hey FYI I don't normally use this account. @pseudoramble@indieweb.social is my main one. Feel free to follow that if your want!


So far I’m doing 3 days a week at the gym, 8-10 rep range work plus some lighter accessories. Similar program to what I’ve been doing for a while, but making sure to get farmers carry in more often.

Then, I’m trying to get 2-3 runs a week separate from the gym days. We had a heat wave in the area which made this challenging, but it broke so it’s finally possible now. Goal is to run >= 2 miles on race day. Weird goal considering early pandemic I had done 6.5 miles. Different goals though.

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Been a minute since I’ve updated!

* Got through illness and got back to the gym.
* Had a bit of a light period because of some small trips along with other projects, though I kept lifting.
* A friend decided to do a 5k and asked if I’d like to join. Decided to go for it even though I’m not in running condition and still want to focus on strength.

So yeah, I’ve entered about an 8 week period of balancing my strength and running training!

Any recommendations on alternatives to ? Looking to track for an upcoming 5k I've got. I like Strava enough but I'm curious if there are other comparable options out there.

Weight lifting 

Decided to just noodle around this week at the . Going to work on some heavy singles, a few 5/3/1 style sets, and maybe some dumbbell accessories.

Today managed to do a single back @ 335lbs. Most I've done in a very long time. Let's see what overhead press feels like.

Workout today was

Overhead Press: worked up to 185lbs for a single. Attempted 195 but missed that.

Superset Deadlift/Rows: 5/10@135lbs, 10/5@185lbs, 7/1@225lbs. The row at 225 was way too much lol.

Dumbbell rows for sets of 10 on each arm.

Overall felt good to be back!

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Welp, delayed a lot longer than I had first thought. Back to the today though!

No specific plan except for some overhead press for sure. May throw in some deadlifts and accessories for fun. Gonna see how everything feels.

Weight lifting 

Got a strange schedule the next few weeks for fitting in

1. Going to be off most of this week, hoping to get back to it on Saturday. Plan is to wrap up Week 5 from this past week.

2. Four days to work out before being away for a long weekend. Plan is to fit in as much Week 6 work as I can and call the cycle done.

3. Then 1.5 weeks to workout, then another long weekend after that. Gotta figure out something for this. Any ideas?

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I start and finish a project every month:

In July I will create a exercise database. It will have instructions for hundreds of lifts.

Often people will do exercises wrong. Some will look up instructions on that_video_platform but it doesn't help when the instructions are wrong. I constantly find myself correcting my lifters on the most basic exercises. This project aims to help solve that issue.

The database will be open for everyone, not just people I help.


Weight lifting 

Welp, worked through it and actually felt good. Actually hurts more now sitting around than working.

I've also believe I've got the problem pretty clearly identified. I've been modifying my form ever so slightly to try and correct my anterior pelvic tilt. This was a bit too much of extra work on my back for my normal numbers, and caused the pull. After stopping trying to correct it everything felt much better.

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Weight lifting 

... aaaand pulled something in my right hip/lower back. Literally hasn't happened to me in years now. Fuck me!

Gonna try and work through it. See how this goes.

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Weight lifting 

And now to get my stiff-ass body under the bar.

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Weight lifting 

Another day, another session! Squats and strict Overhead Press.

I'm in the last two weeks of this cycle. So the reps have gone down and the intensity up.

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Published a small update to:


- added progressive web app support with icons; you can now install the app on your phone (using your mobile browser's install menu option)

- removed annoying auto focusing of input field in sets/reps screen

- added Farmer's Carry exercise

@tom noticed pump it better doesn't have rack pulls on it. Could you add them?

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Weight Lifting 

Strongman Week 4 Day 2

* Squat: work up to 2x8 @ 245lbs (RPE 8).
* Overhead Press: work up to 2x8 @ 115lbs (RPE 8).
* Barbell Row: 3x8 @ 135lbs.

Thinking I can get to to 125lbs on overhead press for sets of 8 next time.

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I just pushed an update to:


- switched to "Save Name" button instead of an icon when JS is disabled
- auto-saving forms when JS is enabled
- added workout elapsed time when in progress
- fixed 'kg' units bug when deleting workout sets
- added "Log Set" button and highlighting current set you're on

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